An environment suitable for gourmet garden and admitted to the chef, helped by the experience in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan and Hungary, water quality and kuroboku (black volcanic ash) soils the end looked for differences of temperature and climate conditions gave the choice in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Higashi-Awakura village in 2012 then GG FARM was restarted.

At 500 meters above sea level was the basis of the new garden of 0.3 hectares including a small greenhouse. The garden follows several principles of sustainable and biodynamic farming. Intercropping, mulching, Moon phases for sowing, hand cultivation, compost making from hay all contribute a higher level of taste in the produce. We constantly collect information from our chefs, domestic and international food trends (such as products, varieties, harvest), spring water from the mountains, all vegetables are cleaned by natural spring water. The aim is always to maintain the sustainability concept through the production of flavorsome and nutritious ingredients for our chefs.

  イギリス、スイス、三田市、ハンガリーでの経験を生かし、グルメガーデンにふさわしい環境として、上質の水と黒ぼく土、寒暖の差がはっきりとした気候を条件に探した末、岡山県美作市北部(旧東粟倉村)にて、2012年よりGG FARMを再スタートしました。標高は500メートル。0.3ヘクタールのガーデンは、基本、露地栽培ですが、1棟のハウス栽培も行なっています。少量多品目で年間100種類以上の作物を収穫。