Gergely Kalmar/カルマール・ゲルゲイ

In 1977, he was born in Gyor, Hungary. Both his parents are agriculturalists, his father has a Doctorate in Agriculture. Gergely spent his childhood summer holidays barefoot in the countryside gardens of his grandparents’ farm house, bearing vegetables and fruits such as petit pois, cherries and chassis. He has unforgettable memories of the after-storm fallen cold peaches and the August-ripening sour tasting grapes. During junior high school he got engaged with boating, professional chess and learning French, and before school exams he spent his preparation time with meditating in the nearby grandparents’ garden.

After graduating from high school, he travelled in the United States and the United Kingdom in order to learn English. From 1997 for 3 years he worked with his father in a European cereal trade company specializing in organic spelt wheat. There he became interested to study organic farming academically and in 2001, joined the Biodynamic/Organic Agriculture course at the Emerson College. After completing the training, he read Business Finance at the University of Durham. After finishing his first year placement at a biodynamic research garden located in Switzerland, he returned to the United Kingdom, and by chance borrowed a cookbook written by Albert and Michel Roux. The cover picture showed a small and beautiful hand-cultivated small and garden. Both the picture and the book gave Gergely a sudden inspiration, which encouraged him to carry on studying Sustainable Agriculture through the University of London.

After moving to Sanda, Japan in 2005 he began to feel sorry for the local customers after seeing the low quality and tasteless fruits and vegetables. Sustainable agricultural practices offer on the hand high quality and delicious crops. He decided to grow vegetables and herbs like those professional chefs wished to have from a gourmet garden. In the forested area he began to grow his daugther’s baby food previously managed by his wife’s grandfather. A strong interest in his gardening methods encouraged him so he decided to grow vegetables and herbs for professional chefs who wished to have sustainable produce from a gourmet garden. As climate change began to cause droughts and hot and long summers, he was looking for another farmland after a one-year return from Hungary.

In Hungary, domestic and overseas chefs cooked from a garden of 0.2 hectares at 100 meters from the hotel kitchen in a Relais Chateaux 5 star superior resort hotel near the Croatia border, he was engaged in, such as thermo-heated greenhouse and gourmet Events He spent 3 months looking for the perfect farmland in Chugoku mountain range and finally he landed in Higashi-Awakura village in April of 2012.

Emerson College, UK biodynamic/Organic Agriculture 4 years practical training in biodynamic farms in the United Kingdom and Switzerland University of Durham, Certificate in Business Finance University of London, MSc in Sustainable Agriculture course (Sustainable Agriculture)


イギリス ダラム大学ビジネスファイナンスコース中退
ロンドン大学大学院 持続可能農業コース(Sustainable Agriculture Course)修了