Observing the historical skeleton of agriculture reveals the fundamental fact that farming has gone through dramatic periodical changes. For instance over two millennia ago we know from Cato and Varro, already the Romans had developed a merchandised farming system, which was not much dissimilar from the practices of modern farmers today. The Industrial Revolution and scientific improvement of farming conditions have begun and multiplied agricultural yield from the 18th century England. The 20th century with two world wars, taught the world how to alleviate famine by using technological miracles, such as artificial fertilizers, pesticides and large machineries, within a short period of time. Lately, genetically modified organisms have been taking over the conventional science of agriculture.

Well, this evolution has been ringing an alarm bell amongst philosophers.

As a gastronomically oriented gardener, day to day I am faced with challenges that have never bothered me before. The sharp decline of wildlife population including pollinating bees, butterflies and other insects has been causing major difficulties for farmers trying to produce enough zucchini or tomatillo, for instance. The general air, water and soil pollution and degradation have been rising with agricultural activity, despite governmental efforts to axe them, which makes me wonder how we could still produce safe and healthy food. These pollutions obviously contribute to an astray of illnesses that have appeared in recent decades from simple nutrient deficiencies to more serious, cancerous-like and cardiovascular diseases.

At GG Farm, I am constantly contemplating how we can reduce the aforementioned burden on the environment at the same time as cultivating tasty and nutritious produce. In addition I am always considering what we shall pass on to the next generations, therefore agriculture must be sustainable. In this crusade, I have embarked with several chefs in Japan.

 GG FARMでは、環境や自然に対する負担をどうしたら削減することができるか、そして美味しくて栄養価の高い食物をどうしたら得ることができるか、次の世代に何を残すのかについて、常に考えています。だからこそ、農業は持続可能でなければならないのです。日本にいるシェフたちと一緒に、私はこの改革運動に取り組んでいきたいと思っています。